Volume 5, Issue 09, September 2019

Volume 5, Issue 09, September 2019
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Low Cost FMCW Altimeter Radar
Authors: Aditya Mallareddypeta, Kedar Cheekoty and Sandeep Reddy Surakanti
2. A Novel Methodology Based on CM-MIMO for LTE Communication Systems
Authors: Metta Pandu Ranga Rao and D Chiranjeevulu
3. Design and Analysis of a Steel and Composite Material Leaf Spring
Authors: Dr J S Suresh, K Muneendra and Raffi Mohammed
4. Photovoltaic Maximum Power Point Tracking Under Fast Varying Of Solar Radiation
Authors: Vissampalli Kishore and G Vaddi Kasulu
5. Modelling of PMSG based Wind Turbine System using Fuzzy Controller
Authors: Telluri Sneha and J Charan Kumar
6. Designing of VSC-HVDC Converter for Regulation Frequency in Wind Power Generation System
Authors: Kola BhagyaLakshmi and M Ashok
7. Application of Neuro-Fuzzy Controller for SVC for Improving Transient Stability
Authors: M Siva Rama Krishna and N Sambasiva Rao
8. Design and Implementation of Cloud Computing Model in the Increase of Productivity in Electronic Commerce
Authors: Ali Yar Ahmadi
9. Concrete Strength Evaluation by using Copper Slag instead of Aggregates for M30 Grade of Concrete
Authors: Chadalawada Manohar and K Kanakalakshmi
10. Analysis the Impact of Renewable Energy Effect on Power Quality by Using Time Frequency Method
Authors: Vahid Alipour Maralani, Yuan Haiwen and Almas Kaveh
11. Nonlinear Analysis of RC Structure under Multiple Earthquakes
Authors: Shesalu D. Vadeo and M. V. Waghmare
12. The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Development A Case of Pakistan
Authors: Muneeb Ahmad