Volume 5, Issue 01, January 2019

Volume 5, Issue 01, January 2019
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. ICT for Sustainable Development without Digital Divide in Africa
Authors: Franklin Wabwoba and Alice Nambiro Wechuli
2. Power Management Strategy in a DC Microgrid with Hybrid Storage System
Authors: T Vijay Muni and S V N L Lalitha
3. An Application of Geometry to Determinants
Authors: Dhanalakshmi M, V Jyothi, U Bhavani and G Prameela
4. Temperature Distribution using Linear Equations
Authors: Dhanalakshmi M, V Jyothi, J Anjali, G Sri Lakshmi Prasanna, Sd Haseena and Ch Manisha Devi
5. Coupled Oscillators and Eigen Values
Authors: V Jyothi, Dhanalakshmi M, K Srisha, G Susmitha and P Tejaswini
6. Application to Markov Chain
Authors: Dhanalakshmi M, V Jyothi, Ch Jeevanalakshmi, B Jyothi and K Ramalakshmi
7 High Efficiency DC-DC Converters for Modular AC Nano Grids
Authors: Dr L V Narasimha Rao
8 A Survey on Improving Security of Wireless Sensor Network using Block Chain
Authors: Komal Shinde and Dr. S. V. Todkari