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Author Fees

There is no charge (FREE) to submit a paper for peer-review, but publishing a paper in IJMTST requires Article Processing Charges (APC) which is a nominal amount to cover editorial/website expenses and will be paid by anyone submitting author or institution upon acceptance of the paper for publication in accordance with the following criteria: This journal charges the following author fees.

You may send a fee waiver request to, – 100% fee waivers for researchers in developing countries, determined using the criteria* set by WorldBank.

Article Processing Charges Structure :

APC For Indian authors – 2000/- INR inclusive all (For one article/paper – No other hidden Charges)

APC For USA/Other Countries authors – USD $70 inclusive all (For one article/paper, No other hidden Charges)

Payment Mode:
Internet Banking Account No:50100310212732, IFSC Code:HDFC0004174, SWIFT Code:
Google Pay-9666689061
UPI ID: editor.ijmtst@okhdfcbank
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