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Model For Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
Mansi Panpatil, Shruti Gharge and Dinesh Kamble

The Solar panels are those gadgets that take in solar radiation and turn it into either heat or power. In essence, a solar panel is an assembly of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, which can produce energy through the process of photovoltaiceffect. solar collector, reflector, or photovoltaic panel can be oriented towards thesun using a technique called solar tracking.Tracking device ensures that the solar collector automatically tracks the sun's path across the sky and maintains the ideal angle to maximise solar radiation. This paper reported the developed a laboratory prototype of a solar tracking system to enhance the performance of the photovoltaic modules in a solar energy system. The designed principle of the device is to keep the photovoltaic modules constantly aligned with the sun beams to maximizes the exposure of solar panel to the Sun. This is aimed to increase the output power from the solar panel

Dual Axis Solar Tracker, Photovoltaic Cells, modelling

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