Volume 5, Issue 04, April 2019

Volume 5, Issue 04, April 2019
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Vaginal Misoprostol Administration for Cervical Ripening and Labor Induction
Authors: Saeedeh Shahali
2. Physics in Everyday Life and in Technology
Authors: Dr Preeti Singh Bahadur, Ankesh Kumar, Auzaif Khan and Garvit Talwar
3. Investigating the Reasons of Failure or Lack of Success in Commercializing the Products of Knowledge-Based Companies, the Case Study of Knowledge-Based Companies in the Field of Nanotechnology
Authors: Amir Farahani
4. Translating Cosmetic & Hygienic Advertisements: A Study on Some English Advertisements and Their Persian Translations
Authors: Fatemeh Iranmanesh and Mohammad Ali Falahati
5. The Role and Influence of Government Economic Policies in the Process of Transferring or Developing the Required Technologies in the Aviation Knowledge-Based Industries and Aeronautics
Authors: Amir Farahani
6. Brand Compatibility with the Spirit of Customers and Its Influence on Customer Attraction
Authors: Saeid Shahshahani
7. The Role of the Adventurer Manager In Order To Coordinate the Mind, Creativity and Change Management
Authors: Hossein Naseri
8. E-Inversive Semigroups with the identity abc = ac
Authors: P Sreenivasulu Reddy and Kassaw Benebere
9. Properties of E-Inversive Semigroups
Authors: P Sreenivasulu Reddy and Kassaw Benebere
10. Involution on groups
Authors: P Sreenivasulu Reddy and Kassaw Benebere
11. Involution on rings
Authors: P Sreenivasulu Reddy and Kassaw Benebere
12. Fabrication and Erosion wear response of RHA filled Epoxy-Glass Fiber Composites
Authors: K Sridhar and Bala Guru Kiran Kumar
13. Effects of storage conditions on the different attributes of deoiled rice bran incorporated extruded product
Authors: Tanuja Srivastava, D.C. Saxena, Renu Sharma and Swati Priyadarshi
14. Execution Practice on Concrete Strength Parameters By Partial Replacement Sand with Iron Slag as well as Concrete Mixed with Coal Dust
Authors: K Mamatha