Volume 6, Issue 04, April 2020

Volume 6, Issue 04, April 2020
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. AI Technique Based Fault Location in a Transmission Network with DG's
Authors: M V V Satya Sairam, S Ashok, E Vijay Babu and Syed Abdul Mujeer
2. Agricultural Robot (Agribot): A Future of Agriculture
Authors: Darshan Moundekar, Parinay Nakhate, Saurabh Ghosh and Abhay R. Kasetwar
3. ANN Based Active Power Filter to Reduce Harmonics in a Micro Grid
Authors: S P Dhanunjaya Rao, M Chinababu, B Rajeswari and T Amar Kiran
4. Enhanced Behavior of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Algorithm over Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in Application of Geoelectrical Resistivity Data
Authors: A Stanley Raj, J Viswanath, J P Angelena, D Hudson Oliver and Y Srinivas
5. Biosensor and Their Recent Impactful Applications: A Review
Authors: Hardeep Kaur