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Best Paper Award:

International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology (IJMTST) select best article/ Research Paper to be chosen from each issue and the author of the selected article to be provided half relaxation in publication charge for his/her next article. Selected Author(s) details will be updated on last date of every month.

Best Paper Award List
S.No. Month Year Vol. & Issue No. Paper ID Title of the Paper
1. January 2016 Vol 2, Issue 1 IJMTST/02/01/01 Title of the Paper
2. February 2016 Vol 2, Issue 2 IJMTST/02/02/42 Power Quality Improvement in a Grid Connected PV Cell using UPQC with Fuzzy Logic Controllerr
3. March 2016 Vol 2, Issue 3 IJMTST/02/03/01 Title of the Paper
4. April 2016 Vol 2, Issue 4 IJMTST/02/04/45 An Energy-Efficient Min-Max Optimization with RSA Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
5. May 2016 Vol 2, Issue 5 IJMTST/02/05/01 Title of the Paper
6. June 2016 Vol 2, Issue 6 IJMTST/02/06/01 Title of the Paper