Volume 5, Issue 08, August 2019

Volume 5, Issue 08, August 2019
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Sliding Mode Control for Torque Ripple Mitigation in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Authors: Kakileti Veera Mani Devi and E Veera Eswarudu
2. Design of Low Power High Speed Double Tail Comparator using Power Gating Techniques
Authors: D Ramarao and K Rajasekhar
3. Stress Distribution of Different Shapes of Opening in Shear Wall
Authors: Shubham Subhash Chaudhary and Dr. S. R. Parekar
4. Fuzzy Sliding Mode based PI Controlled UPFC for Optimized WECS Dynamics during Fault Ride Through
Authors: Chiluvuri Koteswara Rao and Dr Yerra Sreenivasa Rao
5. Direct Power Control of Grid Connected Double-fed Induction Generator in Wind Energy Conversion System
Authors: Danduboyina Dimple and Dr Yerra Sreenivasa Rao
6. Energy Management System for Sudden Load Varying with PV-Battery & Diesel Generator Hybrid System
Authors: M Manikanta, U Ranjith Kumar and Ch Prasanna Lakshmi
7. Explicit Dynamic Analysis of Tensional & Torsional Propagations on Composite Material with Dog Bone Shaped Testing Specimen
Authors: Yedla Gopala Rao, M R S Nataraj and P Srinivas
8. Material Selection for Optimum Design of Planetary Gear Train used in Automobile Gear Box
Authors: G Pardhiv and P Srinivas
9. Treatment of Primary and Secondary Domestic Wastewater Effluents by using Microalga Oscillatoria Sp
Authors: Aravindh S and P Ruban
10. Implementation of 16-Bit Multiplier-Accumulator Using Modified Booth Algorithm
Authors: K Yedukondalu and P Aswani Kumar
11. Method for Analysis of System Coverage and Capacity for a GSM Based Cellular Network
Authors: C.A.D Pahalson, N.S. Tarkaa and G.A.Igwue
12. CSR and Firms Performance A case of Pakistan
Authors: Muneeb Ahmad
13. Solar Power Utilizing Motor Made in Low Cost
Authors: Mohanesha K. M
14. Electoral Reforms in India: Major Issues and Challenges
Authors: Ripan Choudhury