Volume 5, Issue 02, February 2019

Volume 5, Issue 02, February 2019
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Novel Design to IoT Based Waste Management for Smart Cities using Aurdino
Authors: V N Sireesha and M Syamili
2. A Novel Construction Technique for Capacity Improvements Using Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G Systems
Authors: Sikkisetti Viran and P Aswani Kumar
3. Design and development of Agriculture System Based on IoT
Authors: V Sirisha and D Somasekhar
4. Effects of Cosinusoidally Fluctuating Temperature and Casson Fluid Model On MHD Free Convective Flow past a Vertical Porous Plate in Presence of Hall, Ion-Slip Current and Chemical Reaction
Authors: N. Ranganath, C. Srinivasa kumar and K.V.B.Rajakumar
5. Effect of Chemical Reaction on Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Viscous Electrically Conducting Fluid Through a Porous Concentric Annulus
Authors: M. Snehalatha and G. Vidyasagar
6. Smart Door Lock System
Authors: Nayana R and Shashidhar R
7. Power Quality Improvement under Different Fault Conditions
Authors: K Ramakrishna Pandu
8. Fluoride Ions variation in Precambrian host rocks of Rarh region of West Bengal, India
Authors: Dr. Sumana Bhattacharjee
9. A Review: Trending Clustering Protocols In WSN With Analyzing Their Complexity And Disadvantages
Authors: Kamalpreet Kaur, Naveen Goyal and Deepinder Singh Wadhwa
10. Routing Protocols of Wireless Body Networks: A Review
Authors: Rupinder Kaur, Simarjit Kaur and Sukhdeep Kaur
11. Analysis of Energy Efficient Techniques of WSN
Authors: Avinash Jethi, Preeti Sharma and Rakesh Kumar
12 Renewable Sources Based Electric Vehicle Charging Station Controlling Grid with ANN Controller Modeling and Simulation
Authors: V.Mahendar, T.Harikumar and Dr.Jaghannath.K