Volume 4, Issue 02, February 2018

Volume 4, Issue 02, February 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Fuzzy Based PV-Active Power Filter for Compensating Current for Grid Connected System
Authors: D.Sivarama Krishna Vara Prasad and B.Lakshmana Nayak
2. Improvement of Power Quality by Hybridized Seven Level Inverter
Authors: Ashok Kuncham and Md.Shameem
3. Improvement of Power Quality in a Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System by STATCOM
Authors: M V S Kartheek, N.Siva Nagendra and Baipalli Vasulu
4. Analysis of Harmonic Mitigation in Distribution Network using Internal Model Controllers and Synchronous Reference Frames
Authors: Gopi Latha Venna and Dr.K.Swarnasri
5. Design and Analysis of Vortex Generators
Authors: Bese Gopi Krishna and Samsani Durga Prasad
6. Energy Management System to Improve Energy Harvesting with PV System for Remote Areas
Authors: Y. Vara Lakshmi and P. Bala Krishna
7. To Evaluate the Capacity of Roundabouts by Using Analytical Method
Authors: K Manoj Kumar, Pothula Sanyasi Nadiu and PMS Satish Kumar
8. A Study on Efficiency Factor of Silica Fume
Authors: Shaik.Tippu Sulthan and Y.Anjaiah
9. Q-SAR Synthesis of Titans Based on Survey Results
Authors: Mohammad Amin Eshraghi and Mohammad Mahdi Tavana
10. An Improved Image Compression Technique Using DCT and DWT
Authors: D. Kesav, B. Madhav, A. Venkata Saipavan Gopi, G. Mahesh Babu and V.T.Venkateswarlu
11. An Experimental Study to Compare the Strength Characteristics of Concrete using Steel Fiber and Glass Fiber Admixtures
Authors: Garudachalam Deepak Babu and Y.Anjaiah
12. Kotak Mahindra Bank Private Limited's Mutual Funds Comparison Analysis
Authors: Tatikonda Srinivas and Md.Amzad