Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2016

Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. L-Z Source Based 11 Level Diode-Clamped Multi Level Inverter
Authors: A.Allen Babu and K. Kranthi Pratap Singh
2. ANFIS Based UPQC for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: M. Sudhakar Babu and S. Rajasekhar
3. Filter Based Solar Power Generation System with a Seven Level Inverter
Authors: K N V Rajesh and S. Rajasekhar
4. Performance of Photovoltaic Assisted Five Level Diode Clamped Inverter fed Induction Motor
Authors: D. Dhana Prasad and A. Krishna Veni
5. Secure & Energy Efficient Scheme against Denial-of-Sleep Attack in WSN
Authors: Mr. Pavan A C and Mr. P Prasanna
6. Alluding Communities in Social Networking Websites using Enhanced Quasi-clique Technique
Authors: Ms. Nidhi K.N and Mr. B.S. Yoga
7. Artificial Neural Network Based Closed Loop Control of Multi Level Inverter
Authors: M.Mahesh and K.Kranthi Pratap Singh
8. Securing the Data Communication between the Neighboring Sensor Nodes using Bilinear Pairing for Source Location Privacy in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Mr. Mohammed Azharuddin and Mrs. Veena M
9. Predicting Privacy Policy Automatically To the User Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
Authors: Rashmi T.M and V. Chetan Kumar
10. Analysis of 7-Level Cascaded & MLDCLI with Sinusoidal PWM & Modified Reference PWM Control Methods
Authors: Ch. Anil Kumar, D. Aswini, T. Prudhvi Raj, K. Sai Krishna and P.Sunil Dora
11. A Flexible AC Distribution System for a Microgrid with a Photovoltaic System in Islanded Mode
Authors: Dr. L V. Narasimha Rao
12. Effective Identification of Packet Droppers and Modifiers in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Ranjini M G and Mr.M Jayashankar
13. Improved Speed Characteristics of a Synchronous Machine using Discrete PID Controller
Authors: Sk. Saidavali and Murali Krishna
14. Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controller Based Power System Stabilizer for Damping of Power Oscillation Control in Two Area Four Machine Power System
Authors: Shubi Sharda and Mr. Geoffrey Eappen
15. User Preferences Based Recommendation System for Services using Mapreduce Approach
Authors: Chaithra G V and Nagarathna
16. A Novel Method for Silence Removal in Sounds Produced by Percussive Instruments
Authors: S. Srikanth, B. Kishore Kumar and Ch. Nagababu
17. Cloud Based intrusion Detection System
Authors: Nandasana Pooja, Ritesh Kumar, Pooja Shinde, Akanshu Dhyani and Prof. R.S. Parte
18. Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Prof.Vrushali Kondhalkar, Tambe Bhagyashri, Temkar Gaurav and Thorawat Prafull
19. A Cryptographic Key Generation Using 2D Graphics pixel Shuffling
Authors: Londhe Swapnali, Jagtap Megha, Shinde Ranjeet and Belsare
20. Dynamic Analysis of Soft Storey Frame with Isolators
Authors: Smita Gupta and Dr M Helen Santhi
21. Applications of Smart Grid through Harmonic Current & Reactive Power Compensation
Authors: Yogita Dubey and Tikeshwar Gajpal
22. An Improved UPQC Controller to Provide Grid-Voltage Regulation
Authors: Vijayraj Patel, Mr. Amit Agrawal and Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh
23. Partial Replacement of Cement to Concrete by Marble Dust Powder
Authors: Vijaya Kumar YM, Shruti D, Tharan SN, Sanjay SR and Sricharan PM
24. Congenital Disorder in the Fetal Development of a Live Birth using Rule Based Inference
Authors: Nisarga Gowda B and Dr M C Padma
25. Easy Mobile Cable Management System Using Android Application
Authors: Arpith Arya S and Dr. M C Padma
26. Healthcare Monitoring System by using iSense Device& IOT Platform
Authors: Vishnu Prasad K Y, Madhura Geetha S and Srinidhi N N
27. An Efficient Model to Identify A Vehicle by Recognizing the Alphanumeric Characters in an Engine Image and in Chassis Image
Authors: Raghunandan P and Dr. M C Padma
28. Garden Environmental Monitoring & Automatic Control System Using Sensors
Authors: Ashok.R and Mrs S K Uma
29. Recognition by Using Image Processing for Different Size Distribution Schemes
Authors: G. Nagendra
30. Design and Stress Analysis of FRP Composite Pressure Vessel
Authors: M.A. Mujeeb Iqbal, Mohd.Hasham Ali and Mohammed Fareed
31. Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking System based on ARM7 and Android Application
Authors: Sowjanya H N
32. Captiosus Voting System
Authors: Gayatri Sabne, Praful Saboo, Uttamkumar Deo and Azharuddin Shaikh