Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2016

Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Novel Integrated AC-DC Five Level Converter Strategy for Power Factor Correction
Authors: K. Karthik and T. Srinivasarao
2. Home Energy Monitoring System Using Internet of Things
Authors: R L R Lokesh Babu, D. Satyanarayanarao, Ch. Nehru and M. Gopi
3. Generalized Parallel CRC Computation
Authors: D.Venkanna Babu, M.CH.P.V.L.Kumar, M.M.Venkatesh and B.Surya Prakash
4. VLSI Implementation of 32-Bit Unsigned Multiplier Using CSLA & CLAA
Authors: M.Rama Krishna, P.V.V.Satyanarayana, P.V.R.Naveen Kumar and K.Pawan Kalyan
5. Traffic Density Control and Accident Indicator Using WSN
Authors: K. Swathi, V. Sivanagaraju, A.K.S. Manikanta and S. Dileep Kumar
6. Gesture Vocalizer
Authors: R.L.R. Lokesh Babu, S. Gagana Priyanka, P.Pooja Pravallika and Ch. Prathyusha
7. Vehicle Theft Control and Accident Location Intimation Through SMS
Authors: G. Vijaya Raju, P. Bhavya Sri and S. Navya Sri
8. Intelligent Farmer Friendly System
Authors: K. Rajitha Devi, T. Susmitha and E.Emani
9. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Dominant Color and Texture Features
Authors: R. Durga Prasad, B.V.K. Sai Kumar, K. Sai Ram and B. Veera Manoj
10. An Effective Approach for Colour Image Transmission using DWT Over OFDM for Broadcasting Applications
Authors: Sk. Rasool, Ch.V.V Satyanarayana, K. Sai Raghavulu and G.V.S. Dinesh
11. Comparison of Image Segmentation Algorithms for Brain Tumor Detection
Authors: Md. Baig Mohammad, M. Priya Bandhavi, G. Lalitha Sai and K. Sai Divya
12. RFID Based Security and Access Control System using ARDUINO
Authors: Md. Abdul Aziz, Y.Naveen Kumar, Ch.Pavan Kumar and P. Yaswanth Kumar
13. Identification and Rejection of Defective Ceramic Tile using Image Processing and ARDUINO
Authors: Md. Baig Mohammad, Y.Sumesh Naidu, T. Ravikanth and P. Siva
14. Techniques for Improving BER and SNR in MIMO Antenna for Optimum Performance
Authors: J. Prasanth Kumar, R. Sowjanya, P. Sameena and P. MadhaviSankar Gowd
15. Improving Stability of Utility-Tied Wind Generators using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Fuzzy Logic controller
Authors: K.V.Sunil Kumar and V.S.N.Narsimha Raju
16. A New Configuration of Asymmetric Multilevel Converter to Maximize the Number of Levels in Output Voltage Waveform
Authors: Md. Khwaja Mohiddin and Ekta Singh Thakur
17. An Energy-Efficient Min-Max Optimization with RSA Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Dr. S. Anandamurugan
18. Securing WSN communication using Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledge
Authors: Mr. Sachin Acharya T
19. A Secure and Robust Cloud-based Prototype for Online Transaction using Android Mobile Devices
Authors: Ms. Lavanya G
20. Performance Enhancement of an Air Conditioner with Condensate Mist Cooled Condenser
Authors: Dr.Suwarna Torgal, Kuldeep Pawar and Sushant Puranik
21. Simulation of a 13-Level Inverter with Facts Capability for Distributed Energy Systems
Authors: Anirudh Kashyap, Ms. Pragya Pate and Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh
22. A Modern Technique of Deduction in Leakage Current in Resonant Bi-directional DC-DC Converter
Authors: Kumar Goswami and Shrutika Suryawanshi
23. A Integrated Technique of SIDO PFC Fly back Converter in power system
Authors: Abhay Shukla and Mahendra Kumar Pradhan
24. Smart Device Based ECG Monitoring System
Authors: Lahari P and Dr. Bindu A. Thomas
25. Different GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Receiver’s combination and its Spatial Information Analytics
Authors: Shruthi H O and Dr. Bindu A Thomas
26. A Study on Data Visualization Techniques of Spatio Temporal Data
Authors: Divyashree G and Dr. Bindu A. Thomas
27. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of a Multi Louvered Plate Fin-and-Tube Heat Exchanger using Computational Fluid
Authors: P Bharathidasan and K Mahadevan