Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2016

Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Speed Control of PMSM by Sliding Mode Control and PI Control
Authors: K. Venkata Kishore and Bhavani Sampara
2. Comparison of Multi-Machine Transient Stability Limit Using UPFC
Authors: Venkateswara Rao. P
3. PV –Fed Led Lighting Systems
Authors: M. Chiranjeevi
4. Job Stress among Faculty: An investigation of Self-Financing Arts and Science Colleges in Vellore District
Authors: S. Suganya and Dr. A. Dunstan Rajkumar
5. Big Bang-Big Crunch Optimization in Second Order Sliding Mode Control
Authors: Tejas Kulkarni
6. Three phase Nine Level Inverter with Minimum Number of Power Electronic Components
Authors: Ch. KTSR Kowstubha and K. Satish Kumar
7. A Comparative Study of Non- Performing Assets of Public and Private Sector Banks
Authors: N.A.Kavitha and M. Muthumeenakshi
8. Low Current Ripple, High Efficiency Boost Converter with Voltage Multiplier
Authors: Kanna Srinivasarao, Yanamala Srikanth, Kuchipudi Manoj, Jampani Kiran, Kamal Kiran Tata
9. Design Efficient Wireless Monitoring Platform for Recycling Point Spots
Authors: G.Karthik Prabhu, S.Sri Jamiya, R.Venkatesh and V.Senthil Kumar
10. A New Topology for Power Quality Improvement using 3-Phase 4-Wire UPQC with Reduced DC-Link Voltage Rating
Authors: D. Tatarao and K. Lakshmi
11. A Series Compensation Technique for Enhancement of Power Quality in Isolated Power System
Authors: V.Vijaya Bhaskar, T.Santhosh Kumar and K Rama Krishna
12. Revolutionizing Waste Management: AI and IoT-Powered Smart Trash Bins
Authors: Lakshmi Namratha Vempaty