Volume 6, Issue 04, April 2020

Volume 6, Issue 04, April 2020
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1. AI Technique Based Fault Location in a Transmission Network with DG's
Authors: M V V Satya Sairam, S Ashok, E Vijay Babu and Syed Abdul Mujeer
2. Agricultural Robot (Agribot): A Future of Agriculture
Authors: Darshan Moundekar, Parinay Nakhate, Saurabh Ghosh and Abhay R. Kasetwar
3. ANN Based Active Power Filter to Reduce Harmonics in a Micro Grid
Authors: S P Dhanunjaya Rao, M Chinababu, B Rajeswari and T Amar Kiran
4. Enhanced Behavior of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Algorithm over Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in Application of Geoelectrical Resistivity Data
Authors: A Stanley Raj, J Viswanath, J P Angelena, D Hudson Oliver and Y Srinivas
5. Biosensor and Their Recent Impactful Applications: A Review
Authors: Hardeep Kaur
6. Incremental Semi-Supervised Clustering Ensemble for High Dimensional Data Clustering
Authors: M Pavithra and Dr. R M S Parvathi
7. An Awareness and Perception of COVID -19 among General Public – A Cross Sectional Analysis
Authors: Dr. T Shenbhaga Vadivu and Dr. P Annamuthu
8. Value Engineering in Road Rehabilitation and Traffic Improvements by using CBR Software
Authors: Soni J V and Monisha V
9. A Study on Consumer Perception and Brand Preference for purchasing paints in Coimbatore District
Authors: Dr. R Reena and V Jenifer
10. Feasibility Study of a Stand-alone Wind-Solar Hybrid Energy System for Off-Grid Rural Electrification in Sokoto State, Nigeria
Authors: Gwani Mohammed, Abubakar Gado and Umar Abdullahi Bello
11. Grid Connected Single Step Bi-Directional Inverter for Battery Energy Storage System
Authors: K Rakesh, K Ravi Kishore Reddy, S Vinay and Dr. A V G A Marthanda
12. Implementation of Wearable Device Using IoT for Smart Museum
Authors: R Nikitha and S Malathi
13. Flexible Scheduling in Construction Industry by Using Primavera
Authors: Divya V S and C Gayathri
14. Web Browser Based Industrial Arm - Axis Control
Authors: M Saranya and Dr. M Rajendiran
15. A Survey on Current Practices Regarding Malaria Prevention among Outdoor Patients in Benue State, Nigeria
Authors: T P Zawua, M M Manyi, T F Ikpa, R A I Ega and E U Amuta
16. Gender Classification for Intent analysis in Business Intelligence
Authors: Praveen Gujjar J and Dr. T Manjunatha
17. Effective Implementation of Hand written Character Recognition using Neural Network
Authors: Monisha G S and Malathi S
18. Comparative Study of Design of a Multi Storey Residential Building by Manual and STAAD.Pro Software Analysis Case of G+3
Authors: Adje Kpie Janvier De Thales, Hien Sie Gregoire, Vaka Venkata Sai, Ezekel V Swu and K Gopi Sankar
19. Experimental Study on Temperature Resistance Mortar by using Vedic Plaster in Place of Cement
Authors: G Ajay Gopi, R Mallikarjuna Naik, S Goldson Singh and K Gopi Sankar
20. Comparative Study of G+7 Building with and without X Bracing System by Using STAAD.Pro
Authors: D Bhargav Sandeep, B Subrahmanyam, R Tejesh, N Ravi Sai Prasanth and A Rajendra
21. A Survey on Plant Leaf Disease Detection
Authors: Sneha Patel, Dr. U.K. Jaliya and Pranay Patel
22. A Study on Effectiveness of E-Learning Technology among College Students
Authors: I Joseline Steffi and V Jenifer
23. Wind Analysis and Design of Highrise Residential Building by Using STAAD.Pro
Authors: B Dhana Babu, K Sasidhar, Y Sreenu, Md Ebraheem Fayaz and Dr. D Venkateswarlu
24. An Experimental Study on Performance of Stone Column in Layered Soils through Unit Cell Concept
Authors: D Kavya, M Sri Sai Sujan, L Jithendra Reddy, Awe Thramjei and Rayi Chandra Sekhar
25. Feasibility Study on Fly Ash-Lime-Soil Bricks (FALSB)
Authors: B Manoj Kumar, K Durga Pavan, P Govind Raju, K Siva Veera Durga Prasad and Rayi Chandra Sekhar
26. Experimental Study on Strength of Concrete by Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Robo Sand
Authors: T Venkata Narasimha Reddy, P Lakshmi Narayana Subrahmanyam, G Suresh, G Manoj and J Lakshmi Sudha
27. Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Fly Ash and Coarse Aggregate with Sea Shells
Authors: V Rajeswari, T Venkanna Babu, Viswasa Prudhvi Raju, A Sai Venkat Gangadhar and A Sai Kumar
28. A Study on the Perception and Precautionary Measures taken by the General Public Amidst COVID-19
Authors: Dr. P Annamuthu, Dr. T Shenbagavadivu and S Arthi
29. Perlustration on Hindi News Classification using Transfer Learning
Authors: Desai Eesha C, Mosin I Hasan and Hemant D Vasava
30. A Study on Generative Adversarial Perturbations Attacks
Authors: Swati C Thavrani, Mosin I Hasan and Kirtikumar J Sharma
31. A Study on Strength of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Metakaolin and Fine Aggregate with Foundry Sand
Authors: Ch Santhi Kumari, S Santosh Kumar, G Kiran and Divya Anusha Naidu
32. Comparative Study of G+8 Building with & without Shear Wall in Various Zones by using STAAD.Pro
Authors: Ch Sri Lakshmi Sowmya, G Shyam Kumar, E Benny Praveen, B Sai Kumar and A Rajendra
33. Design and Analysis of a Multistorey Residential Building with and without Earthquake Effect
Authors: A Veera Naga Subhash and Dr. D Venkateswarlu
34. A Study on Autoencoder based Technique in Modern Movie Recommendation System
Authors: Vaibhavi Bhatt, Bhavesh Tanawala and Kirtikumar J. Sharma
35. Performance and Emissions characteristics of DI Diesel engine using different blends of Grape seed biodiesel
Authors: Sk. Mohammad Shareef and P. Lakshmi Prasanna
36. Seismic Analysis of Multi Storey RCC Building with Shear Wall at Different Locations using STAAD.Pro
Authors: K Suresh, N Naga Sankar Varun, P Eswar Mani Kumar, B Vineeth and J Lakshmi Sudha
37. Investigation of Strength Characteristics of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Silica Fume and Sand by Quarry Dust
Authors: K Unnati, P Y R V S S Ammiraju, M Rohith S V Rama Raju, K Abishek and A Rajendra
38. Performance of hrp-2 Based Rapid Test and Microscopy in the Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum in Benue State, Nigeria
Authors: T P Zawua, M M Manyi, T F Ikpa, R A I Ega and E U Amuta
39. Studies on Toxicity and some Biochemical (Glycogen) changes in the selected tissue of Cirrhinus mrigala(Hamilton 1822)exposed to sublethal concentration of HILTAKLOR (Butachlor, 50%EC)
Authors: Dr. P Bhaskara Thathaji, Dr. Udaya B R P and Sivalanka Kumari
40. Travel Intelligently through Android based Application – Tourist Guide
Authors: Rahul Shah, Dhiraj Prasad Jaiswal, Devyata Subba and Gagan Gurung
41. Steps to predict the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – AI Machine Learning
Authors: Subash Kumar
42. Quantity Optimization of Construction and Demolition of Wastes by using CATIA and ANSYS Softwares
Authors: Angel Aishwarya P and C Gayathri
43. Vehicle Detection and Classification Using Deep Learning: A Survey
Authors: Ruchi Patel, Dr. Udesang Jaliya and Dr. Narendra Patel
44. A Survey on Object Detection Based Automatic Image Captioning using Deep Learning
Authors: Trushna Patel, Dr. Darshak G Thakore and Dr. Narendra M Patel
45. Review on Song Classification Based on Emotion Detection
Authors: Pragati H Parmar, Bhavesh A Tanawala and Prashant B Swadas
46. A Survey on Identification of Objects from Images Based on Spoken Words
Authors: Riddhi Surani, Dr. Darshak G. Thakore and Dr. Udesang K. Jaliya
47. Analysis for Selective Harmonic Elimination in a Multilevel Inverter
Authors: Sarika D Patil and Akshay D Kadu
48. Design and Fabrication of Solar water Heater with PV Electric Generation System
Authors: Neha M. Thakre and K. N. Wagh
49. Overview of Energy Storage Devices Use in Electric Vehicle
Authors: Avhad Nikita Vijay, K.V. Bhadane, Barve Nikita Rajendra and Yadav Prashant Ramsingar
50. Overview of Electric Drive Motors Use in Electric Vehicles
Authors: Barve Nikita Rajendra, Kishor V Bhadhane, Avhad Nikita Vijay and Yadav Prashant Ramsingar
51. Overview of Technical Standard of Electric Vehicle/ Grid Code Used In Electric Vehicle
Authors: YadavPrashant Ramsingar, Kishor V. Bhadane
52. Stand Alone PV- Battery-Based Hybrid Microgrids with Electric Vehicle for Unified Control and Power Management Scheme
Authors: Dhavala Pranusha, Thumuganti Ramya and Kandakatla Vishnu
53. Footfall Stress for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Power Generation through PZT Materials
Authors: Jhansi K and Swetha G
54. Impact of Advertising on the Public
Authors: Anand Revanasiddappa and Dr. B. T. Muddesh