Volume 6, Issue 02, February 2020

Volume 6, Issue 02, February 2020
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Mechanical and Economic Investigation of Soft Computing Based Zeolites of High Strength Concrete
Authors: Amin Lotfi Eqhlim, Mohammad Said Karimi and Mohammad Kazem Sharbatdar
2. The Review of Services Quality on Mobile Government
Authors: Wu Zhang, Mahmoud Liaei and Wenhao Zhuo
3. A Survey Paper on Selection of Candidates Using Machine Learning
Authors: Prof. Mohan Nikam, MuskaanShaikh, Rutuja Bhusal and Rajkumar Singh
4. Comparison of the Relationship between Analytic Intelligence and with Psychic restlessness Job Satisfaction Based on Gender
Authors: Zahar Karbasian
5. An Empirical Study on How Human Resource Managers use Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment Process with Reference to Coimbatore City
Authors: Shilpa Santhosh Jayakrishnan, Dr R Reena and Muhamed Muslim Ansari K
6. Management of Dermatophilosis in Local Breed Zebu Dairy Cow: A Case Report
Authors: Haben Fesseha and Friat Kidanemariam
7. Design of Low Power and Delay of Booth Multiplier using GDI Technique
Authors: Thamatapu Hemalatha, Jyosyula Harini Nayana and B Murali Krishna
8. Solar PV System by Grid-Tied Connected to Droop Control Strategy for Shunt Active Power Filter Application
Authors: Dr. L V Narasimha Rao
9. Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Solar Battery Backup Applications
Authors: K Pooja and Dr. A Rubymeena
10. PV Based Three Phase Two Leg Inverter for Electric Vehicle Applications
Authors: Challa Ramaiah, Kandakatla Vishnu and Dhavala Pranusha
11. A New Nine Level Inverter Topology with Reduced Power Devices
Authors: Gottipati Madhuri, Dhavala Pranusha and Kandakatla Vishnu
12. Steps to Classify the Breast Cancer type accuracy using Neural Network – AI Machine Learning
Authors: Subash Kumar
13. A Novel Control Strategies for Power Quality Improvement with Multilevel Inverter Based IPQC for Microgrid
Authors: Kandakatla Vishnu, Gottipati Madhuri and Challa Ramaiah
14. SMC Strategy for Torque Ripple Mitigation in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Authors: Dhavala Pranusha, Challa Ramaiah and Gottipati Madhuri
15. Automated Digital Letterbox System Using IoT & Android – A Survey
Authors: Akshay A. Saraf, Sakshi P. Khairnar, Komal D. Shelar and Dipika R. Neve
16. Design and Development of High Step-up DC/DC Converter
Authors: T Raja Pandiammal and Dr. Sumithira T R
17. A High Voltage Gain Modified SEPIC Converter
Authors: K Sangeetha and Dr. S Senthil Kumar
18. Design of Triple Switch Double Inductor Based High Voltage Gain DC-DC Boost Converter
Authors: G Bharani and Dr. A Rubymeena
19. Design of Modified Z-Source DC-DC Converter
Authors: C Abarna and Dr. S Senthil Kumar
20. Speech Emotion Recognition Based on CNN Combined with Decision Tree Classifier
Authors: S Soundarya and N Arumugam
21. Raspberry Pi4 Based Intelligent Robot for Military Applications using Cloud Computing and OV5642camera
Authors: Dr J.Vanithavani, Dr S.Venkatesan, Dr E.Nagarjuna, Dr R.A.Jaikumar and Dr K.Jeyakumar