Volume 4, Issue 08, August 2018

Volume 4, Issue 08, August 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Novel Positioning Approach with Two GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Satellites
Authors: Dr S.N.V.S.Prasad and M.Jyothi
2. Power Quality Improvement of Utility Current in a PV Based Shunt Active Filter using P-Q Theory
Authors: S. Jyothsna and B. Lakshmana Nayak
3. The Influence of the Ancient Persian Administration Structure on Post-Islamic Governmental Bureaus
Authors: Mansoor Haidari
4. Energy Management for a Integrated PV-Wind-Diesel-Battery Based Microgrid for a Remote Area Power Supply
Authors: N. Venkata Ramana and B. Lakshmana Nayak
5. Modeling and Control of PMSG-Wind Energy System using Artificial Intelligence Technique
Authors: Kinjarapu Jyoti and K. Venkataratnam
6. Extended Range Hybrid Type Full Bridge DC-DC Converter with Z-Source Converter
Authors: B. Srujana and B. Lakshmana Nayak
7. The Effect of the Role of Urban Management (the Sanctioned Laws of the City Council of Pakdasht County) on Social Security and Prevention of Environmental Crimes in Pakdasht County
Authors: Ebrahim Shamiaghziyarat, Masoud Beyranvand and Mohammad Komeyli
8. Grocery Theft and Monitoring using IoT for Stock Management Application
Authors: Dr.A.Nazar Ali, Dr.R.Sagayaraj, C.Kalavalli and R.Jaiganesh
9. An Investigation into the Effect of Soil Type and Strong Ground Motion (SGM) Records on Fragility Curves of Concrete Buildings
Authors: Hoseinbarmashi and Amin Zahedi-khameneh
10. Power Management System with PV/Battery Hybrid System for Remote Areas
Authors: M Kondalu and K Venkata Kishore
11. A Review on Illumination Reduction Techniques for Human Face Recognition
Authors: Dr. Keyur Brahmbhatt and Dr. U. K. Jaliya