Volume 4, Issue 06, June 2018

Volume 4, Issue 06, June 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Multi Quadrant Operated Speed and Torque Control of Switched Reluctance Motor
Authors: G.Dhana Raju, B. Mahesh Babu and Dr.L.Ravi Srinivas
2. Low Power and Area Efficient GDI Based Modified Booth Multiplier
Authors: S. Aruna Kumari, Ravi Naga Srinivas and B. Siva Prasad
3. ANN Based HVDC Controller for Frequency Regulation of Power Systems with Wind Generation
Authors: Muthyala Lokesh and D.J.V.Prasad
4. Design and Analysis of IC Engine Connecting Rod by using Composite Materials
Authors: Seeram Srinivas and P Satya Lakshmi
5. Study on use of Waste Polythene in Bituminious Paving Mix Design
Authors: M. Subrahmanya Sarma and B. Srikanth
6. A Comparative Analysis of PV Balancer with Buck, Flyback and SEPIC Converters
Authors: D.J.K. Kishore and N.P.V.L.P.Chandra Sekhar
7. Determination of Structural Strength of Pavement using FWD and Remaining Life Analysis
Authors: J. Pothalaiah and B. Srikanth
8. The Study of Emotional Intelligence among Divorced Couples in Iran
Authors: Heidar Imanian
9. Modelling and Implementation of PSO MPPT Based Wind DFIG System
Authors: Julakanti Charan Kumar
10. A Fuzzy Based D-STATCOM for Mitigation of Current Harmonics
Authors: Anil Kumar Sani and Charan Kumar Julakanti
11. Mathematical Modeling and Analyzing of Piston Rings Used in Piston Cylinder attachment of the IC Engines
Authors: K.Sethuramalingam and P.Surendar
12. Improvement of Power Quality of Micro-Grid using DG and Power Quality Conditioner
Authors: Pallapati Sankar and M. Ashok
13. Modelling of Wind-PV Hybrid System using PSO MPPT Technique
Authors: Kota Srinivasa Rao and M. Veerabadrarao
14. Reliability and Availability Analysis of a Triplex Sensor Node System with Shared Repair
Authors: Paula Aninyie Wumnaya, Stephen Musyoki and Waweru Mwangi
15 Investigation of Hybrid Electrical Vehicle using Dual Mode Transmission System
Authors: Jasvir Singh, Simerpreet Singh and Puneet Chopra
16. A Review on Misbehaviour Detection And Revocation in VANET
Authors: Pranab Garg, Arshdeep Singh and Preeti Shrama
17. Muticasting Technique to establish path from source to Destination in Mobile adhoc networks
Authors: Nishi Sharma, Vikas Kumar Garg and Rakesh Kumar