Volume 4, Issue 05, May 2018

Volume 4, Issue 05, May 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Modular Multilevel Inverter as Active Power Filter in Grid-Connected System for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: Buddha Harish Kumar and J.N.Ramakrishna
2. Design and Development of Hydraulic Driven Mobile Air Inflator
Authors: K.Sethuramalingam and V.Arun Kumar
3. Effective Technique for Allocating Servers to Support Cloud using GPS and GIS
Authors: Kethineni Vinod Kumar and Fayaz Dafedar
4. Improving the Quality of Power in Tehran Metro Line Two Using Ant Colony Algorithm
Authors: Hossein Ehteshami, Saeed Javadi and Seyed Mohammad Shariatmadar
5. Description of Tourism Status as a Communication Factor between Cultures
Authors: Naser Aminian
6. Identification and Ranking of Individual Abilities of Stakeholders of Construction Projects in Iran and Providing Strategies for using them
Authors: Alireza Mohammadizadeh Khoshroo, Hamidreza Abasina Jahromi and Alireza Lork
7. Analysis on Combustion Geometry on Different Combustion Chambers
Authors: Dr Abdul siddique Sk, Raffi Mohammed and Sk Abdul Azeez
8. In WSN Secure Fault Tolerant Agreement Model (SFTAM) using BFT Algorithm
Authors: Venkataramana K and Dr. Manoj Kumar
9. Synthesis, Characterization and ionic studies of Mo6+ ions doped Nanocrystals
Authors: C. P. Gupta and Ashok Yadavr