Volume 4, Issue 04, April 2018

Volume 4, Issue 04, April 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Design of Versatile Microcontroller Based System for Forestalling the Accidents in Automobiles
Authors: D Ashitha, J. Teja Sri, M.Bhavani Raj and M.Krishna Mohan
2. Edge Detection of MRI Images in Medical Image Processing System
Authors: P.Ratna Sree, M.Mounika, Ch.Vyshnavi and M.Krishna Mohan
3. High Efficiency LED Driver circuits using DC - DC Converters
Authors: B.Somanna Babu and S.Govinda Raju
4. Wind Energy Conversion System for A Grid Applications
Authors: H Venkata Swamy and S.Rajasekhar
5. Creating Lean Management Structure in Electronic Banking (Case Study: Ansar Bank)
Authors: Asal Mohseni and Masoud Rabani
6. Energy Audit of a College Campus
Authors: P.V. Soundarya Sravani, Ummidi SandhyaT and Vellala Sailusha
7. Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) for Health Monitoring System
Authors: N.Sri Lakshmi, K.Mallika, S.Bhavana Reddy and M.Naga Divya
8. Legal Status of Contract Decomposition in Jurisprudence, Legal System of Iran and International Documents
Authors: H. Khalili Pasha and M. Sharafatpeima
9. Computational Investigation of Bowl Type Combustion Chamber Direct Ignition C.I Engine- A Review
Authors: Raffi Mohammed, Shaik Abdul Azeez, B Narendra Kumar and Y Venkatesh
10. Modeling and Analysis of Body Structures for A 5-Door Car
Authors: Raffi Mohammed, Shaik Abdul Azeez, B Narendra Kumar and Y Venkatesh
11. An Effective Image Classification using a CBC
Authors: S.Sindhura and M.Sambasivarao
12. Comparison of Bars Frame Building & Building with Slab and infill’s using Pushover Analysis
Authors: Chalavadi Koti Veera Naga Pavan and M.Srinivas Rao
13. Transient and Steady State Analysis and Performance of Low Frequency AC Transmission Line
Authors: Veerraju Vanthala and U. Anjaiah
14. An Efficient Approach for Designing and Minimizing Reversible Programmable Logic Arrays
Authors: Anjaneyulu A and K.Amruthavally
15. Analysis of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) with Interactive Properties of Gradation
Authors: Gummadi Chiranjeevi
16. MAF-PLL based Shunt Active Power Filter for Current Harmonic Elimination
Authors:  Pavan Kumar Adivishnu and Satyanarayana Vanapalli
17. Modeling and Simulation of 16-Level Basic Topology based Hybrid Multi Level Inverter with Reduced Number of Components
Authors: K Rama Krishna Pandu and Satyanarayana Vanapalli
18. An Outsourced Cloud Data with Safe and High Secured Ranked Keyword Search
Authors: K Aruna Kumari, N Srikanth, G Pavani and G Bharath Kumar
19. Confidentiality Distribute Of Data Defending Using Portion Method
Authors: Nelluri Ananthalakshmi and R.V.Kishore Kumar
20. Google Earth for Land use Land Cover Detection in the Case of Guntur Urban, Andhra Pradesh for Public Health use
Authors: Chinnam Yuvaraju, Dr. Iyyanki V Murali Krishna and Dr. K V S G Murali Krishna