Volume 4, Issue 03, March 2018

Volume 4, Issue 03, March 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Contrast Enhancement for Stereoscopic Images Using Feature Map Technique
Authors: G Ganesh, G Venkata Gopi, G Gopi Krishna, C Chandramouli, B Chiranjeevi and K Ravi Kumar
2. Design of Power Factor Correction Model Using PFC Boost Converter for Control Solid-State Lamps
Authors: Dr Pagidimarri Krishna, M.Aruna and S. Prem Kumar
3. Performance Based Study and Behaviour of Pervious Concrete by Using Different Mix Proportions
Authors: B.Ananda Raju and S.Mahesh
4. Structural Design with Accelerated Construction Techniques for Flyover Span of 20m in 4-lane Carriageway
Authors: Mandapati Baji and S.Mahesh
5. Steel Slag A S A Substitute for Fine Aggregate in High Strength Concrete
Authors: D Dheeraj and S.Mahesh
6. Study on Partial Replacement of Cement with Paper Mill Sludge and Waste Water Sludge Using Different Percentages of M30 & M40 in Concrete
Authors: K Sai Durga Prasad and S Meera Bhai
7. Effect of Thermal Cycles on Compressive Strength of Different Grades of OPC and Flyash Concretes
Authors: Manikonda Sandeep and S. Mahesh
8. A Study on Partial Replacement of Cement by Using Agro-Industrial Waste to Produce Greener Concrete
Authors: K Suresh and P. Revathi
9. New Anionic and Cationic Surfactants and their Effects on Relative Permeability Curves and wet ability Alteration in EOR Process
Authors: Mohammad Khodadadi, Ghasem Zargar, Siamak Moradi and Mohammad Ali Takassi
10. Embedded Surveillance System with Auto Image Capturing and Sending Image through IoT
Authors: B.Durga Mahesh, B. Sangeeth Kumar and K V R Rajesh
11. Power Quality Improvement using New Control Strategy for Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Battery Energy Storage System
Authors: K.Umamaheswari, A.Jawahar, P V K Bhagavan, Ch. Anantha Rao and K.Ramana
12. Efficient Photovoltaic Energy Production using High Step up Voltage Converter
Authors: B.Lavanya, G.Sailaja, K.Santosh Kumar, R.Arun Kumar, B.Siva Kumar and K.Lokeswara Rao
13. Application of FACTS Controller for Improvement of Power Quality and Mitigation of Harmonics
Authors: V Jemsy Williams, Vakada Subrahmanya Aditya, P Rajasekhar, G Mohan, D Trinadh and D Pradeep Kumar
14. Single Phase Shunt Active Power Filter for Domestic Non-Linear Loads with Induction Motor Drive
Authors: P.Narendra, D.Ramakrishna, M.Phaneendra Sai, G.Lokesh Kumar, S.S.L.NaraSimha and Y.Durga Prasad
15. Mitigation of Voltage Fluctuations under Faulty Conditions by Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Integrated Photovoltaic System
Authors: Polisetty Hema Sundar
16. Inter-Satellite Optical Wireless Communication System (IsOWC)
Authors: Pardeep kaur, Monika Aggarwal and Naveen Goyal
17. A review of association rule mining using data mining
Authors: Surender singh, Yadwinder Singh and Yogesh Kumar
18. Soft Computing Approach in Weather Forecasting A Review
Authors: Amanpreet Kaur, Anupam Garg and Amreen Kaur
19. Sustainable Solid Waste Management in India
Authors: Neha Sharma