Volume 3, Issue 04, April 2017

Volume 3, Issue 04, April 2017
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Analytical Approach to Optimize the Waveform for Stepped Wave Inverter
Authors: B.Sai Ranith Krishna and Dr.D.Ravi Kishore
2. PV Based ZVZCS Current Control DC/DC Bridge Converter for Battery Charging
Authors: Nendragamti Pavan Kumar
3. Influence of Dust Removal Mechanism on Solar Power Plant and Its Performance
Authors: K.Sai Lalitha Chowdary, G.Prameela, Jayaharsha.K and Dr.D.Ravi Kishore
4. Web Based Monitoring of Solar Power Plant Using Open Source IOT Platform Thingspeak and Arduino
Authors: Jayaharsha Kandimalla and Dr.D.Ravi Kishore
5. Design and Fatigue Analysis of a Multi Plate Clutch
Authors: Dr.Ch.S.Naga Prasad
6. An Overview of Picture Imitation Detection (Types and Methods)
Authors: Gauraw Jumnake and Dr.Sanjay Thakur
7. Design and Manufacturing of Pet Bottle Die
Authors: Dr.Ch.S.Naga Prasad
8. Repairing and Inpainting Damaged Images using Adaptive Diffusion Technique
Authors: P.Aswani Kumar and Jorige Venkateswara Rao
9. A Fuzzy Based STATCOM Controller for Mitigating Current Harmonics in Grid Interfaced Wind System
Authors: Sk.Daryabi, V.Prudhvi Raj, M.Mounika, Ch.Vijaya Lakshmi, J.Santosh and B.Gowthami
10. A Frame Work for Control of Gird Connected Wind Power Using Two Layer Control
Authors: V.Sarath Kumar, D.Rupesh, K.Prudhvi Raj, Ch.Prasanth Kumar, K.Manasa, A.Jawahar, Ch.Rajyalakshmi and Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthi
12. A Novel Transformerless PV Grid Connected Inverter Strategy for Voltage and Current Synchronization
Authors: Aditya Sampath Kumar and Kothalanka K Pavan Kumar
13. Simulation and Modeling of New Transformer Connection Scheme for Multiphase Power Transformation
Authors: G.Sailaja, P.Saranya, A.Laxmana Rao, B.VidyaSagar, Y.Jeevana Rao, N.Chaitanya Kumar and Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthi
14. Optimization and Analysis of a Crankshaft in External Combustion Diesel Engine
Authors: S.Mohamed Yashik, G.Navanithan, R.Ramprasanth, K.Sadamhussain and D.Manikandan
15. State of Art of Laser Cutting Process
Authors: V.Senthil Kumar and Dr.G.Jayaprakash
16. Experimental Investigation on Process Parameters of E250 Mild Steel in Plasma Arc Cutting
Authors: S.Balaganesh, T.Dinesh, B.Dinesh Kumar, S.Hariharan and N.Senthil Kumar
17. Gamma Radiation Absorption Characteristics of Concrete with Boron Carbide and Zeolite
Authors: V.Amresh Kumar, P.Anandharaj, P.Anantha Kumar, V.Aravinth and Luke Justin Johnson
18. Experimental Study on Hardened Properties of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Marble Powder
for M30 Grade of Concrete

Authors: Sk.Sahera and Dr.K.Chandramouli
19. Hardened Properties of Concrete by Incorporating Brick Powder & Metakaolin by Partial Replacement of Cement
Authors: B.Mahesh Babu and Dr.K.Chandramouli
20. Experimental Analysis of Turning Parameters Using Aluminum Alloy (AA6063)
Authors: Mohana Selvakumar.V, Mohan Kumar.T, R.Ramanathan, Dr.K.Chandrasekaram and Dr.P.Ranjith Kumar
21. Experimental Analysis of Summer Air Conditioning System Using PCM
Authors: J.Mohamed Ajas, M.Nirmal Prethum, L.Lesterjulian, S.Raam Kumar and M.Ganesh Karthikeyan
22. Design and Experimental Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Authors: C.Densil Remola, S.Deepak, O.P.Danapal, M.Ariharasudhan and Prabu Subramanian,
23. Effects of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness and MRR when the Machining of Hard Materials
Authors: Gunasekar.D, Thangadurai.K.R, Manorajan.S, Pillay Revanth Ramraj and Natarajan.S
24. Electronic Protection for Exam Paper Leakage
Authors: G.Rukesh Babu, K.Kalyan, K.Sai Kiran, Md.Alfar Hussain and V.Naganjaneyulu
25. Comparative Retail Data Analysis in Marketplaces using Hadoop
Authors: Prof A S Devare, Prof N B Chopade, Madhuri Mali and Samridhi Jaiswal
26. A Novel Coding Scheme for Data Quality Enhancement over Wireless Channels
Authors: Mutyam V V Satyanarayana Murthy, Pulamanthula Vasavi Yesu Sai Durga, Kavya Deepthi Bethala, Pericharla Ramana Kumar Varma and K N V Suresh Varma
27. Design and Performance Analysis of Gravity Assisted Power (GAP) Generating System for Harvesting Electrical Energy
Authors: T.Pasupathi, S.Noorjahan, K.Padmapriya, R.Salma Begum and S.B.Sangeetha
28. RF Optimization in GSM Network Coverage Area Using Agilent Tool
Authors: V.Gayathri, P.Vasuki, V.Vinitha, R.Saraswathi and N.Dhasarathan
29. Delay Optimized Matrix Multiplication using 3:2 Compressors for Signal Processing Applications
Authors: S.Subathradevi, C.Vennila, S.Balavinayagam, M.Bhagavan, V.Muruganantham and M.Pradeep
30. Design of Efficient Feed Forward Filter for Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications
Authors: V.Akshaya, S.G.Ilakkiya, D.Indhumathi and L.Barathi
31. Vehicle Theft Intimation and Capturing by using GSM
Authors: R.Renuga, T.Suganya and R.Satya
32. An Interdigitated Capacitive Sensor to Detect Adulteration
Authors: Shaik Zameer Basha, M.Bharani, M.Sundara Subramanian, Saridemanoj and S.Saranyaa
33. GSM Based Smart Energy Meter
Authors: K.Bowya, I.S.Pradeeba Levina and K.Aruna
34. A Biometric based ATM Security System using RFID & GSM Technology
Authors: S.Naga Gowri, R.Durga Devi and P.Gowshalya
35. Intelligent Device-To-Device Communication in the Internet of Things
Authors: Viraj Sonavane, Meheboob Bagewadi, Jafar Shaikh and T.K.Zombade
36. Analysis of Piston with Thermal Barrier Coating Using Finite Elements
Authors: Harish Ravat, Pushpak Sheth