Volume 3, Issue 03, March 2017

Volume 3, Issue 03, March 2017
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. PV Based Load Resonant for Boost Converter by Using Quasi Z-Source Network
Authors: Nendragamti Pavan Kumar
2. Performance Analysis of Proposed Full Adder Cell at Submicron Technologies
Authors: Gangadhar Reddy Ramireddy and Yashpal Singh
3. Smart Attendance Monitoring System to Avoid Fraudulence by Synchronizing Results of RFID and Face Recognition System
Authors: Prof.M.Ramalingam, Prof.A.Jeevanandham, Keerthana P, Indumathi D, Nithyashree M, ThilakRaj S, Naveenkumar N and Harish R
4. Neural Cryptography for Secret Key Exchange
Authors: Prof.Pranita P.Hadke and Prof.Madhuri R. Dubey
5. Secure and Trustable Routing in WSN for End to End Communication
Authors: Maniyar Aasif Mashak and Prof.V.V.Dakhode
6. Intrusion Detection in Industrial Automation by Joint Admin Authorization
Authors: Apune Sagar Sambhaji and Prof.Kishor Honwadkar
7. Development of an Institutional App by adopting Android Play
Authors: B.Sunil Kumar, B.Ravi Varma, A.J.Md.Nadeem, S.Naga Teja and K.Pavan Kumar Rao
8. Total Reversible Logic Implementation for High Speed and Low Power Operations
Authors: K.Naga Hanumanchari and Goga Subramanyam
9. Propagation of dust acoustic waves in super thermal magnetized plasma
Authors: Prasenjit Singha and Dr.Biswajit Sahu
10. A Review of Production of Biodiesel from Microalgae
Authors: Neha Sharma