Volume 3, Special Issue 02, March 2017 (NCEE-2017)

2nd National Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Technology
Organised by Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

S.No. Title of Pape Page No.
1. Power Factor Correction Fed DC Motor with Bridgeless SEPIC Converter
Authors: Gantaiah Swamy, M.Aravind Kumar and N.Abhi Ram
2. Comparison of Dynamic Performance of ANN and PID Controllers for an Interconnected Hydro-Thermal System
Authors: V. Anantha Lakshmi, J. Rajesh, G T Sai Kamal and Md.Nadeem
3. Controlling of Motors Using Arduino
Authors: V. Brahmeswara Rao, T.Akhil, G.Sai Babu and P.Teja
4. Voltage Stability Analysis using Voltage Dependent Load Model
Authors: T.Durga Prasad, D.Ravi Kumar, U.Yuvaraju and Dr.G.Naveen Kumar
5. Demonstrating and Simulation of Utility Interface PV and Hydro Hybrid Electric Power System
Authors: K.Rajesh Babu, K.Sandeep, A.Sreehari and K.Rahul Roy
6. A Zero Current Switching AC-AC Resonant Converter
Authors: G.Prem Kumar, R.Niranjan and T.Krishna Mohan
7. Power Factor Correction Using Step-Up Chopper Fed to a DC Motor Drive
Authors: L.Karunakar, Ch.Naga Naveena, P.Sowjanya and K.Sri Lakshmi
8. Solar Powered Induction Motor for EVs with Flexible Energy Control Functions
Authors: K.Rajesh Babu, G.Vinay Paul, M.Jaswanth Bhargav and P.Siva Naga Sai Krishnad K.Sri Lakshmi
9. Computation of Sequence Impedances for 220kv Underground Cable with Different Short Circuit Capacities
Authors: M.Ramya, G.Radhika and Poonam Upadhyay
10. Arduino Based Two Axis Solar Tracking by Using Servo Mechanism
Authors: V.Brahmeswara Rao, K.Durga Harish Kumar, N.V.Upendra Kumar and K.Deepak
11. Implementation and Simulation Comparisons of Induction Generator Wind Power Systems
Authors: P Srilekha, G Tejaswini, Ch Lakshmi Prasanna, and Krishna Mohan Tatikonda
12. Enhancement of Power Quality Using Electronic Load Controller from an Isolated Power Generation
Authors: A.Vijayalakshmi, M .Lakshmi Naga Jyothi, K.Mounika, and L.Karunakar
13. Testing Polynomial Load for Voltage Stability
Authors: M Chiranjeevi, S Sudheer Babu, M Kiran Raj, and Dr G Naveen Kumar
14. Harmonic Reduction and Power Quality Improvement in Distributed Generation Systems Using Hybrid Active Power Filters
Authors: Mrs K.Sowmya, R.Mounika, K. Ramya Krishna, and G.Bhargavi
15. Controlling Of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor by Using Three Phase Cycloconverter with IGBTs
Authors: Y Chiranjeevi Ashok Kumar, P Prathyusha, K V Swathi, and P Naga Lakshmi
16. Arduino Based Sophisticated Home Automation System for Electrical Appliances Using Bluetooth
Authors: Y Chiranjeevi Ashok Kumar, M Sanjay, P Gowtham Krishna and N Prasanna Paul
17. A Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Using Switched Parallel DC Voltage Sources
Authors: A Sekhar Sunil, Y Anne Janet, N Mounica and R Madhavi
18. A Control Method for UPQC Based on SRF Theory Under Unbalanced and Distorted Load Conditions
Authors: A Sekhar Sunil, S Priyanka, K Tejaswi and P R Sharon Rose
19. Harmonics Mitigation and Power Quality Improvement using D-STATCOM in Distributed System under Various Load Conditions for Grid Connected Wind Energy
Authors: V Vaishnavi, Sk Abdulla, Md Tajuddin and A Anvesh
20. Safety Based High Step Up DC-DC Converter for PV Module Application
Authors: Y.Srikanth Reddy and O.Sobhana
21. Zig-Bee Robotic Panzer
Authors: P.Bose Babu, V.Madhu Babu, T.Kalyan and K.Ajay
22. Greenhouse Monitoring System Using IOT
Authors: M.Krishna Mohan, Jakkula Likhitha, Tejaswy Yamarthi and Kagitha Sravani
23. Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System for Paralyzed People
Authors: N. Prathima, P. Sai Kumar, SK. Lal Ahmed and G. Chakradhar
24. Reduction of Torque Ripple using 3-Level and 5-Level Inverter for Three Phase Induction Motor
Authors: A.V.G.A.Marthanda and Dr.G.V.Marutheswar