Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2016

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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Reactive Power Sharing Droop Control Strategy for DG Units in an Islanded Microgrid
Authors: Alladi Gandhi and Dr. D. Ravi Kishore
2. Voltage Flicker Analysis and its Mitigation by STATCOM for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: Mekathoti Ravi Kumar and Dr. D. Ravi Kishore
3. Implementation of Three phase SPWM Inverter with Minimum Number of Power Electronic Components
Authors: Muthyala Sarath, V S N Narasimha Raju and Seshagiri Boppana
4. Modeling of Micro Turbine for Rapid Prototyping
Authors: A.K.Matta
5. Power System Stabilizer with Induction Motor on Inter Area Oscillation of Inter Connected
Authors: J. Srinu Naik and Mr. Murthy M V N
6. Comparison of Buck-Boost and Cuk Converters for BLDC Drive Applications with PFC
Authors: Neelam Amarnath Reddy and V. Ganesh Kumar
7. Adaptive Control Scheme for PV Based Induction Machine
Authors: M. Siva Kumar and D. Ramesh
8. Analysis of Fuel Cell Based Multilevel DC-DC Boost Converter for Induction Motor
Authors: Koyyagura Kiran and Dr. D. Ravi Kishore
9. Note on Co Ideals in Ternary Semigroups
Authors: V. Jyothi, M. Dhana Lakshmi and S. Tulasi
10. Emerging Trends in Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Authors: Venkata Naga Manjula
11. Experimental Investigation of High – Strength Characteristics of Self Curing Concrete
Authors: G L Abishek
12. Improved Power Quality by using STATCOM Under Various Loading Conditions
Authors: M. Durga Prasad and M. Devendranadh
13. A New Framework for Kmeans Algorithm by Combining the Dispersions of Clusters
Authors: Amruta S. Suryavanishi and Anil D. Gujra
14. Hybrid Power Quality Compensator for Traction Power System with Photovoltaic Array
Authors: M. Kalidas and B. Lavanya
15. Study on Benchmarking with Respect to Recruitment Parameters
Authors: Sowmya. J
16. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Grid Integration Issues
Authors: A. Durga Prasad, M. Rupesh and Dr. Neelashetty K
17. Security in Medical Devices using Wireless Monitoring and Detection of Anomalies
Authors: Pooja S. Band and Archana B. Kanwade
18. Serial Peripheral Interface Design for Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture Based System-on- Chip
Authors: Mukthi. S. L and Dr. A. R. Aswatha
19. Android Operated Application Based Smart Eye for Home Automation System Using Open Source Android Application
Authors: Yashodeep Patil and Prof S. P. Dhanure
20. STATCOM Based Wind Energy System by using Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controller
Authors: T. Sripal Reddy, G. Ravi and G. Kranthi Kumar
21. Correlation Analysis of Electromyogram Signals
Authors: Sanjyot Burhade and A. B.Kanwade
22. MRI Brain Tumour Classification Using SURF and SIFT Features
Authors: Ch.Amulya and G. Prathibha
23. Review on Electromagnetic Hover Board
Authors: Anusha Tugashetti, Neeta. R. D, Pratiksha Rashinkar and Suahma. U. Bhover
24. Improving Code Compression Efficiency of MIPS32 Processor using Modified ISA
Authors: Ramani. G and Dr. K. Geetha
25. Grid Connected PV System with Power Quality Improvement Using Intelligent Controller
Authors: T. Sripal Reddy and A. Rajasekhar
26. Management of Small and Medium, Scale Enterprises, (SMEs) in the Context of Depression
Authors: Tahir Salim Zari