Volume 3, Issue 01, January 2017

Volume 3, Issue 01, January 2017
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Survey on DVR ISPWM MSPWM Multilevel Inverter
Authors: V. Sreenivasulu and D. Sunitha
2. Power Conversion using Indirect Matrix to Reactive Power by Third-Harmonic Injection & Voltage Transfer Ratio
Authors: K. Anil Kumar and P. Sravanarekha
3. Systematic Study on Design and Manufacturing of Gun Ports and Turret in the SARATH Tank
Authors: T. Sri Naga Swathi and G. Vijaya Rao
4. A Survey on Home Automation System on the Base of IP (Internet protocol) using Beagle Bone Black
Authors: Prof Swati H.Patil, Kirti Yeole, Shirish Jadhav and Tejas Kolape
5. A Multi Boost and Full Bridge Converters for Power Management for Hybrid Vehicle by Battery and Super Capacitors
Authors: K. Pavan Kumar Reddy and Baipalli Vasulu
6. Effect of Annular Jet on an Existing Jet
Authors: V. Pratyusha and Sri Kedarnath Mahapatro
7. Removal of Artifacts and Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Multiple Color Channel Prior
Authors: Pathivada Vasavi and K.Govinda Rajulu
8. Optimization of Steam Consumption in Turbine with Energy Auditing
Authors: Ch. Ramesh, P Siva VNB Gupta and Dr.T. Jayananda Kumar
9. An Experimental Study on Improvement of Sub Grade by Laterally Confined Stone Column with Geo Grid
Authors: Ch. Ajay and P.M.S.S.Kumar
10. Thermo Structural Analysis of Airborne Structure
Authors: J. Santosh Kumar, G.B.T.S.Alekhya and Dr.T. Jayananda Kumar
11. Novel Spectrum-Sensing Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Based on with and without Signal Information
Authors: K.Nayomi and M.Sailaja
12. Allocation of Test Cases using Severity and Data Interactivity
Authors: Pankaj Dalal and Dr. Asheesh Shah 
13. Time Domain Attribute Base Access Control for Cloud Based Content Sharing: A Cryptographic Approach
Authors: Prof. Rucha Dixit, Shubham Shivathare and Gaurav Ganesh
14. The Evolution of the Name India, Hindustan and Bharath in the History of The Country
Authors: Dr. Prakash Shetty
15. The Ethno Botany, Diverse Food uses, Claimed Health Benefits And Conservation Of Euphorbia Caducifolia Found in Sirohi District
Authors: Anshu Rani