Volume 4, Issue 01, January 2018

Volume 4, Issue 01, January 2018
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Survey of Image Segmentation Algorithm for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Recognition
Authors: Vijayaraj.J and Dr.D.Loganathan
2. Effects of Cold-Water Immersion on Muscle Damage and Function in Male Soccer Players after Soccer-Like Competition
Authors: Mohammad Reza Mardnik, Javad Vakili, Ali Mohammadnabi, Reza Omidi Ghanbari and Ali Khezri
3. Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic System by Droop Control Strategy for Shunt Active Power Filter Application
Authors: P.Srikanth and Shaik Hussain Vali
4. Fuzzy Control iUPQC Modeling and Construction Unit to Improve the Network of a Grid Organization
Authors: Dr.Lagumarapu Venkata Narasimha Rao
5. Problems and Challenges in MMC Contributing to RP
Authors: A.K. Matta, N.Tamiloli, P.S. Prem Kumar, S.Mohanty and S.S Pattnaik
6. Architecture of Optimized Wireless LAN
Authors: Siva Prasad and Naga Lakshmi
7. Two step Optimization Technique for Constant Multiplier with DUC
Authors: B.Jyothi
8. Design of a Parallel Matrix Vector Multiplications
Authors: G.Chandra Mohan Reddy, C.Bala Veera Reddy and N.B.V.Naveena