Submit Manuscripts to

For Authors:

1.Preparation of Manuscript: Authors have to submit their manuscripts in the IJMTST Paper format. Submissions must include title, abstract, keywords, author's and affiliation's, email address's. Please indicate the corresponding author. After preparation of the manuscript, submit it to

2.Acceptance Notification: Authors of accepted papers would be informed about the review results after completion of the review process. Authors submitting a revised manuscript need to outline separately the response to the reviewers comments including changes introduced to the manuscript. The authors have to submit a camera ready copy of the manuscript. The authors also need to submit the completed copyright form.

3.Payment of Publication fees: After the final acceptance of the paper, based upon the detailed review process, the paper will immediately be published online.

4.Publication of Manuscripts: Manuscripts are published within three days from the date of payment.

5.Best Paper Award: The editorial committee would choose the best paper for every issue. A best paper certificate would be given to the authors of the chosen manuscript.

6.Publication Certificates: Authors of published papers would be provided with certificates. E-Certificates will send to the authors E-Mail Address.

Note: Maximum four authors are allowed in one research paper. Publication Charges includes Publication of one entire research paper online (Life time), hosting charges, E-certificate, Editorial expenses, Indexing etc.

Publication Fee Details
Publication fee for one Research Paper  Free (Unpaid Journal)
Publication e-Certificate Free
Hard Copy of Certificate Rs 100 per certificate