Volume 4, Special Issue 01, January 2018 (NCRACSE-2018)

3rd National Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Science and Engineering
Organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering

January 27th - 28th 2018

Chalapathi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lam, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Generalized Flow-Based Method for Analysis of Implicit Relationships on Wikipedia
Authors: P V V S Eswar Rao and K. Narendra Kumar
2. An Analysis to Improve Branch prediction Accuracy by using Neural Branch Prediction
Authors: Dr Subba Rao Peram and K. Sudhakar
3. An Experimental Construction for Distributed Image Processing Using Hadoop
Authors: N Jagajeevan, P. Subba Rao, G Sreenivasulu and Y.Prakash Rao
4. Cryptography Technique for Secure Data Contribution in Context of Cloud Computing
Authors: N Junnu Babu, V. Naveen Kumar and P.Srinivasa Rao
5. Information Retrieval Area Using Scalable Graph-based Ranking Model for Content-based System
Authors: B.Veerendra
6. Job through Social Network
Authors: P Ashok Chakravarthi, L Sri Kavya, P Sravanasandhya and J Krishna Madhuri
7. Android Crime Reporter and Missing Person Finder
Authors: R Mani Deepika, B Tarun Tej, V Alekhya and Ch Avinash
8. Enhanced Platform for Consistent Work Assistance
Authors: Dr.K.Kiran Kumar, V.Rajakumari, M.Siva Karthik, G.Lakshmi Durga and T.Varshith
9. A Data Mining Approach Using Incognito Techniques with Keyword Search on Health Based Records
Authors: E.Ramesh, Dr.B.Tarakeswara Rao and M.Srikanth
10. Identify Location Based Collective Interactions in Dynamic Social Networks
Authors: M Sravan Kumar Babu and S V N Vamsidhar
11. An Inquisition Approach to Diabetes Diagnosis
Authors: D V V Brahamchari and M.Rithvik
12. Distributed Knowledge Management Analysis
Authors: S.Phani Kumar and K.Narendra Kumar
13. Efficient Security and Data Distribute in Cloud Using RSA Algorithm
Authors: K.Ravi Chand and Sivanarayana Nerella
14. Un-Penetrable Data Relegation Node Using Cryptology
Authors: Kiran Kumar K, Ramesh Babu K and B.Gopi Krishna
15. A Software Re-process in Small Scale Production
Authors: M Markandeyulu, B.Nageswari and M.Koteswara Rao
16. Big Data Processing Techniques for Elimination of Hazards in Medical Cyber-Physical Systems
Authors: B.Umamaheswara Rao and P.Seetharamaiah
17. Segmentation of Tumor on Mammogram Image
Authors: G.Ramachandra Rao, Ch.Viajyanand Ratnam and Ch.Veera Babu
18. Visual Cryptography Schemes for Sharing of Single and Multiple Secret Images
Authors: Jeevan Ratnakar K, Jetty Sudeepthi and M Ratna Raju
19. AngularJS : The Framework for Dynamic and Interactive Front-end web Application
Authors: Rakesh Kumar M and Dr.Nikhil G
20. R Language : The Art Of Stastitical Software Design and Programming Language
Authors: Sachin Manohar Pangare and Dr.M.Vinaya Babu
21 Some Studies on Big Data Analytics with Machine Learning
Authors: S.Krishna Reddy, P.Lakshmikanth and B.Ramakrishna
22 Some Studies on Clustering large datasets with K-means customized inter and intra clustering (KMIIC) in Hadoop
Authors: Y.Naga Sai Kumari and Dr.B.Tarakeswara Rao
23 Big Data task Scheduling using Swarm Intelligence in Cloud Computing
Authors: Sindhe Phani Kumar, Sreenivasulu B and B. Srikanth
24 Load Balanced Partitioning of Data Space in Cloud Computing
Authors: Surendra Kalagara
25 Trusted Hardware DB with Privacy and Data Confidentiality
Authors: N. Srinivasa Rao, K.Poojitha, M. Lakshmi Poojitha, A. Satya Mounika and K. V Ramsai
26 A Survey on Spark Architecture in Big Data Processing
Authors: Ayyappa Chakravarthi M, Movva Sriya Chowdary and S. Swetha
27 Design and Implementation of Smart Home System using Raspberry Pi
Authors: B V Suresh Kumar, M Shanthi Chandana, Navya Uppala and B Niharika
28 Explanatory & Complex Analysis of Structured Data to Enrich Data in Analytical Appliance
Authors: R S M Lakshmi Patibandla and N. Veeranjaneyulu