Volume 3, Special Issue 02, March 2017 (NCCIT-2017)

1st National Conference on Computing and Information Technology
Organised by Department of Information Technology

Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Intelligence Spy Robot with Wireless Night Vision Camera Using Android Application
Authors: K.Anil Bablu Louis, K.M.S.R.Tarun, T.Teja and B.Santhi Kiran
2. Attribute-Based Encryption with Hybrid Key and Outsourced Repudiation in Cloud Environment
Authors: K.Sai Sree, P.Vinod, Y.Rajasekhar and A.Sravani
3. Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Based On Discrete Wavelet Transform And Support Vector Machine
Authors: M. Rama Krishna, Fahmeeda, G Daizy Florence and K Sravani
4. Predictive Analytics Using Support Vector Machine
Authors: Ch. Sai Sindhu, T. Hema Sai, Ch.Swathi and S.Kishore Babu
5. Flexible Replication Management for Frequently Accessed Data Files in HDFS Using Hadoop
Authors: V. Susmitha, P. Poojitha, Ch. Aasritha, V. Lavanya and V.Vidhya Sagar
6. Fraud Resilient Mechanism for Micro Payments at Point of Sales
Authors: Priyusha.B, Bharani.Y, Durga Bhavani.Ch and B.Venu Gopal
7. MeToTeach: A Mobile Application Based Self-Employment System
Authors: Niharika.K, Lakshmi Tulasi.K, Swapna.Y and B.Lavanya
8. A Neoteric Approach for Enabling Privacy - Preserving Location Claims for Mobile Users
Authors: B.Nalini, A.Rojarani, V.Bhanu Prasuna and L.Priyadarsini
9. Developing an FSO MANET Application using FSER Protocol
Authors: Sd.Shabana, V.Lakshmi Sailaja, S.Keerthana and V.Shanmukha Rao
10. Using Kernel Dataset from Sensory Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: V.K.Yamini, A.Sri Lakshmi, Md.Rubeena and N.Mrinalini
11. A Rule Based Message Filtering From OSN User Walls
Authors: Ch.Padma, A.Shivani, K.Haritha and M.Nagavamsi
12. Analyzing the Behavior of Electricity Consumption Using Hadoop
Authors: B.N.K.Uday Kiran, M.Harsha Sainath, M.Shirdi Lal and S.Kishore Babu
13. Heart Anomaly Forecasting Applying a Series of Data Mining Methods
Authors: Ch.Sai Chaitanya, Ch.Nagur Vali, V.Sai Vikas and K.Sowmya
14. Enhanced Architecture for the One Time Sign on Technology
Authors: S.Venkata Harish, D.Anil Raj, S.Akhilesh Reddy and G.Durvasi
15. Controlling and Analyzing Signal Jumping Using RFID and Hadoop
Authors: B.Hemanth Sai Ram, V.Akhil, A.K.V.Raghavendra, N.David Murpy and K.Neeharika