Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2016

Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. Optimal Placement and Sizing of Capacitor and Distributed Generator in RadialDistribution System
Authors: D. Ramakrishna and G. Vasu
2. Using Homomorphism Linear Signature Auditing Detection of Routing Packet Drop Attack
Authors: V. Mamatha, K. Rajiv and Dr. K. Ramakrishna
3. Exchange Protocols on Network File Systems Using Parallel Sessions Authenticated & Improved Keys
Authors: V. Prathyusha, Aaruni Giriraj and Dr. Ramakrishna
4. Grid Interfaced 3-phase Solar Inverter with MPPT by using Boost Converter
Authors: M. Mahitha and G. Tejaswi
5. SPCHS Construction for Expeditious Keyword Search in Cipher Text
Authors: L. Shivani, D. Venkatesh and Dr. Ramakrishna
6. Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System without using Boost Converter
Authors:Swathi N. Wankhede, Girish K. Mahajan and Ajit P. Chaudhari
7. A Three Phase AC-AC ZCS Resonant Converter for Induction Heating
Authors:Janagam Suresh, S. Kiran Kumar and P.V.S. Aditya
8. Voltage Regulation with Hybrid RES based Distributed Generation in the for Active Distribution Networks
Authors:P. Sathish, G. Suhasini and Y. Nagendra
9. An FPGA Based Floating Point Arithmetic Unit Using Verilog
Authors:T. Ramesh and G. Koteshwar Rao
10. Modelling Determinants of Software Development Outsourcing for Nigeria
Authors:Asiegbu Baldwin C, Oluigbo Ikenna V and Nzotta Samuel M
11. User Friendly Virtual Clothes System Based on Simulation and Visualization using RGBD Camera
Authors: Vishruti Patel, Varsha Satpute, Shivani Kuhikar and Arun Hattarge
12. Adaptive Variable Speed Control Scheme for Wind Based on PFC of BLDC Drive Applications
Authors: L. Praveen Kumar and K. Sreepal Reddy
13. Spectrum Sensing Detection with Sequential Forward Search in Comparison to Known Signal Information
Authors: P. Harish and S. Chitti Babu
14. Shadow Removal of Individual Tree Crowns in a High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Authors: Sk. Usman and A. Ravi Raja
15. Transformerless DVR Super Capacitor Based Induction Motor Drive Applications
Authors: Gumpula Anji Babu and K. Sreepal Reddy
16. Bioanalytical Validated LC-MS Method for Determination of Naproxen in Human Plasma
Authors: Anil Kumar Veeragoni, Vasudeva Murthy Sindgi and Shoba Rani Satla
17. Reliable and Efficient Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Harshada Sonawane and Prof. Rachana Satao
18. Node Deployment in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Avinash Kadam and Prof. Rachana Satao
19. Hybrid Micro Grid Architectures and Challenges
Authors: Saritha, Subramanya Sarma and S. Jayalakshmi
20. Speed and Torque Control Challenge of PMSM
Authors: Abhinav Kumar, A.K. Rohit and Rajesh Kumar
21. Reparation of Inductive Power in Power System by the use of FACTS devices
Authors: Ch. Hussaian Basha and S. Venkateswarlu
22. An Enhancement of Power Quality by the use of D-STATCOM and Soft Computing Techniques
Authors: Ch. Hussaian Basha and S. Venkateswarlu