Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2016

Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Survey Paper on Reduction in Loss of Signals in Wireless Sensor Network Using Data Aggregation Techniques
Authors: Vishakha Varma, Komal Shinde, Rohini Shinare, Sangita Varpe and Prof. M D Ingle
2. Steady State Thermal Analysis of Thermo Siphon Heat Pipe Photovoltaic Panel Cooling Mechanism
Authors: Zakariya Kaneesamkandi
3. Computational Estimation of Best Heat Exchanger for Power Plant Using MATLAB & COSMOL
Authors: P. Vipin Raj, M. Kedarnath and Dr.T. Jayanand Kumar
4. A Two Stage Crawler on Web Search using Site Ranker for Adaptive Learning
Authors: B. Nagaraju Rao and M. Meenakshi
5. Improvement of Power Quality by using Injection Super Capacitor UPQC for BLDC Motor
Authors: B. Ramu and Afroz Shaik
6. An Encrypted MAC for the Authentication Process in WSN
Authors: Pavan A C
7. Data Mining on Web URL Using Base 64 Encoding to Generate Secure URN
Authors: Nadia Ali and M.Sharmila Devi
8. Implementation of High Speed Low Power 16 Bit BCD Multiplier Using Excess-3 Codes
Authors: K. Swamiji and N. Praveen Kumar
9. Design of High Speed Area & Power Efficient Parallel Prefix Adders with QCA Majority Logic
Authors: K.J.S. Nanda, N. Praveen Kumar and J.E.N. Abhilash
10. Implementation of High Speed & Area Efficient Modified Booth Recoder for Efficient Design of the Add-Multiply Operator using VHDL
Authors: K. Rajesh and Y.Kanakaraju
11. Minimization of Total Harmonic Distortion for Long Transmission Lines using PI Controller
Authors: Anchal Ambwani and Durga Sharma
12. Preparation and Toughness Studies of Acetal (POM) & PTFE Blend
Authors: A.K.Matta
13. Modelling and Simulation of Perturbation and Observation MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Applications
Authors: Anupam Mukherjee, Subhajit Mondal and Ayandeep Ganguly
14. Comparative Study and Analysis of Multiplatform Mobile Application Development
Authors: Madhuri Golde, Dhanshri Argade and Prof.M.V.Pawar
15. Spatiotemporal Analysis of Infant and Maternal Morality of Mother and Child Tracking System
Authors: Dr. B.G. Premasudha, Leena H.U. and Khadijatul Kubra Shaik
16. Advance IoT-based BSN Healthcare System for Emergency Response of Patient with Continuous Monitoring and Motion Detection
Authors: Poonam More, Kankana Memane, Trupti Londhe and H.J.Thanki
17. Survey on Optimizing Cluster-Head selection in Wireless Sensor Networks using Hybrid Meta heuristic algorithms
Authors: Satyanarayana Mummana and Kuda Nageswara Rao
18. Waste Management-A Review
Authors: Dr. Shruti Gupta