Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2016

Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2016
S.No. Title of Paper Page No.
1. A Review on Optimal Location and Parameter Settings of FACTS Devices in Power Systems Era: Models, Methods
Authors: K.S.L. Lavanya and P. Shobha Rani
2. Cloaking Areas Location Based Services Using Dynamic Grid System & Privacy Encryption
Authors: S. Prashanth and Ms. L. Sunitha Rani
3. Soft Computing Based Speed Control Technique of Induction Motor Drive in Sensorless Operation
Authors: K.L.Prasanna, A.Jawahar and Ch.Vishnu Chakravarthi
4. Implementation of Low Power and Area-Efficient Carry Select Adder
Authors: T. Bhavana and V. Rajesh
5. Computational Estimation of Flow through the C-D Supersonic Nozzle and Impulse Turbine Using CFD
Authors: Snigdha Panday, B. Joga Rao and Dr.T.Jayanand Kumar
6. PV Cell Fed High Step-up DC-DC Converter for PMSM Drive Applications
Authors: Dodda Priyanka and Dodda Satish Reddy
7. Implementation and Estimation of Delay, Power and Area for Parallel Prefix Adders
Authors: B. Chandrika and G. Poorna Krishna
8. Efficient Method of Power Saving Topologically-Compressed With 21Transistor’s Flip-Flop using Multi Mode switches
Authors: Sikinam Suma Latha and K.S.T. Sai
9. Fuzzy based Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter with Distributed MPPT for Grid - Connected Applications
Authors: G. Mani and B. Gopal
10. Technology in Indian Banking Sector
Authors: Reeshma
11. Photo Voltaic Cell Integrated DVR for Power Quality Improvement
Authors: I.Baby Shalini and M. Gowri Shankar
12. Comparative Analysis of PID, SMC, SMC with PID Controller for Speed Control of DC Motor
Authors: M. Sai Chetana, K. Ravi Kumar and Ch. Vishnu Chakravarthi
13. Predictive Analytics in Education Context
Authors: Neha Kawchale and Prof. Rachana Satao
14. Simulation Approach to Speed Control of PMBLDC Motor using Various Control Techniques
Authors: K. Balajee, J. Anusha, V. Krishna and Ch. Vishnu Chakravarthi
15. Spectrum Sensing Detection Techniques for Overlay Users
Authors: Boyina Saritha and G. Sandhya
16. A Method for the Reduction of Linear High Order MIMO Systems Using Interlacing Property and Factor Division Technique
Authors: G. Leela Prasad, Ch. Vishnu Chakravarthi and Dr.P.Mallikarjuna Rao
17. Power Optimization using Reversible Gates for Booth’s Multiplier
Authors: K. Veerender and Ms. G.Laxmi
18. Adaptive Fuzzy, Fuzzy PI and PI Controller based Shunt Active Power Filter for Harmonic Reduction
Authors: N. Manjula, A.Jawahar and J.Anusha
19. Speed Estimation of Sensorless Induction Motor through Vector Control Using MRAS and Direct Synthesis Test
Authors: G. Sneha Sai, Ch.Rajya Lakshmi and Ch. Vishnu Chakravarthi
20. Design and Analysis of Four Stroke Six Cylinder Diesel Engine Crankshaft with Geometric Optimization
Authors: N. Chaitanya Ravivarma, A. Sirisha Badrakali and M.Srinivasa Reddy
21. Combined Economic And Emission Dispatch Using Random Drift Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors: K.Naga Bindu and K.Kiran Kumar
22. Home Appliances Controlling using Raspberry Pi on Webpage
Authors: B. Shireesha and Mushkinbi Eruri
23. Performance Evaluation and Continuous Monitoring of Ice Plant with R134a Refrigerant by Using NI LabVIEWTM DAQs of System
Authors: Vaijanath N Raibhole
24. Embedded Technologies RFID GSM and GPS for Traffic Controller
Authors: M. Ganesh Kumar and Srinivas Chidella
25. A STATCOM Control Scheme for Power Quality and THD Improvement
Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Abhinav Kumar and Samarendra P Singh
26. Web Design Irrigation in Wireless Sensor Network Using Raspberry Pi
Authors: K. Bhaskara Rao and Mahesh Babu Marneni
27. Circulating Current Fault-Tolerant Operation using MMC & PWM Compensation
Authors: K.Navatha and N. Ravi Kumar
28. Graph Theory Matrix Approach in Selecting Optimal Combination of Operating Parameters
Authors: Geetha. N.K and Sekar. P
29. Power Quality Inverter on Photovoltaic SEPIC Converter
Authors: K.Manohar and P.Iliyas
30. Tamper Detection using Watermarking Scheme and K-Mean Clustering for Bio Medical Images
Authors: R. Suganya and Dr. R Kanagavalli
31. Simulation of D-STATCOM Based Inverter Topology for DG Systems using Fuzzy Logic
Authors: K. Madhuri, A.Pavan Kumar, Subramanya Sarma.S and S.Jayalakshmi
32. Voltage Sag and Support in Power Control on Distributed Generation Inverters
Authors: M.A.Nabi and S. Anusha
33. Fuzzy Based Control Technique for Integration of DG Units to the Grid
Authors: T. Hima Bindu, G.Shiny Vikram, Subramanya Sarma.S and S.Jayalakshmi
34. Power Quality & Unified Compensator using Distributed Generation Intelligent & Islanding Detection
Authors: C.Tharakeswara Reddy and B.Chamandi
35. Modeling and Design of High Quality Boost Converter with Conventional Converter
Authors: Pramod Kumar and Preeti Verma
36. Transforming a Night Video into Day Video using Fusion and Color Enhancement
Authors: Halaharvi Keerthi and Sreepathi
37. Real Time Video Streaming and Controlling of Robo through PC
Authors: M. Nagarani and B. Venkateswara Rao
38. Attribute Based Encryption - A Cryptographic Frame Work in a Shared Medium among Multiple Clients
Authors: P.Venkata Hari Prasad, Dr.K.Gangadhara Rao and Dr.B.Basaveswara Rao